It is important to control the level of reflections in the pictures of your displays and stores.

With the development of social media, the internet has become the primary retail window display and everything you post online (facebook, linkedin, twitter, website, etc.) will be seen by your existing customers or by new potential ones. It will often be the first contact they have with your store.

Producing quality marketing content is not easy and this is especially true with photography.

A large number of brands and retailers decide to take retail pictures internally, but is this sufficient ? When spending thousands of pounds on a visual merchandising project to create spontaneous footfall from the street, isn’t posting a poor picture on the internet cutting the wrong corner? Can qualitative and creative imagery boost your footfall as well, from an internet search to pushing the door of your high street location?

Creating high end images of retail environment requires a large knowledge of lighting and photography. Shop windows and glass display cabinets are especially tricky to capure because of all the reflections they create. Poor control of the reflections will dilute or create the wrong message.

Our team of experienced retail photographers can help you create natural photographs with vibrant colours, a clarity of the visual and a strong composition putting your brand and products in the centre of attention.