Creating the perfect architectural image requires a key element that our access to smartphones and easy quick pictures sometimes make us forget: Time.

The location offers different angle options. The lighting conditions need to be controlled and different variations can be planned and suggested.

Reflections and mirrored surfaces on displays and/or products needs to be analyzed, so that these elements don’t appear in the final image.

The colour correction of surfaces, display cabinets and products is done in the post-production time, but implies some colour testing time during the shoot.

When planning your shoot, we will review the challenges of your space and will work with you to be as efficient as possible by carefully detailing the brief for the photographer and having an assistant on site.  We can shoot early mornings or evenings, as well as week end, so that the shoot takes place out of the opening hours of the store, but to create a powerful image of your retail space, we will need some time…