Our UK product photography studio is located in Central London.  We shoot a large range of products and accessories going from food, sweets, chocolate and drinks to watch and jewellery, handbags and leather goods, or in this example: shoes.

For each category of products, our goal is to bring out the best of the item, so we pay an extensive attention to the colours and textures.  We also take the time to position the product so that it is shown under its best light and most flattering angle.

We offer a range of quality options.  This is all time based and the more time we spend on lighting and retouching, the better, the quality.

These different levels of quality enables us to shoot for both start ups and young businesses with very small budgets (a lot of our clients still have a full time job or work on their kitchen table), as well as large brands with more requirements.

There is no small projects and we can happily photograph a single product or take onboard a 600 packshot image project for a brand for their Christmas e-commerce campaign.

Contact us if you need more information or to receive a quote.

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