With a growing numbers of customers shopping or starting their buying journey online, your website and the image it projects, is becoming more and more important.

Confidence is difficult to build online.

A brand or retailer with a presence on the high street is already ahead of the game when it comes to trust and photography is a great way to capitalise on it. Very surprisingly though, a lot of the store pictures posted by brands on the internet are of very poor quality with high levels of reflections and not transmitting the real attention to details brought to the visual merchandising of the brand.

Having a great set of imagery of your store will help you show what your brand is about and is a great way to get an instant identification when the customer will walk pass next time.

Finally more and more customers are using google image as a search tool. Well key-worded photographs should come first in search engines giving you a solid web presence in line with the rest of your marketing and communication strategy.