This is how our team of specialist interior photographers plans a typical shoot for retail photography: 

Our interior photographer creates beautiful retail images for luxury clients across the UK and Europe.  The images we shoot are used on websites, social media and marketing & PR.  We work closely with the marketing and retail teams on the ground to produce assets that are essential for the launch of a new store, as well as being beautiful.  As retail photographers, we have developed and fine-tuned our skills over many years to deliver pictures of high quality and consistency. 

A typical interior photography shoot is planned along these lines:

1: Site Visite:

When possible we do a site visit with the client.  We always ask that the person commissioning the images is present if possible, so that the shoot list can be discussed clearly. This is especially important when there are multiple floors, specialist sections to the retail space or when certain images need to be prioritized over others if time is running short. We also discuss the small but crucial details of the shoot such as the interior lighting (to make sure it is on during the shoot); security issues for the team; who will be in charge during the shoot, the key elements of visual merchandising, etc.

2: Shoot time:

To ensure that the boutique is as empty (or as much as possible) to shoot wide-angle images, we always advise to plan the photography shoot before the opening of the store when possible, especially when shooting the store front and the windows.  When this is just for the interior, there is a lot more flexibility.  If it involves the facade and retail windows we need to make sure that this part of the shoot takes place early in the morning so that we can use our specialist technique to reduce window reflections.

3: Shoot list:

Following the site visit, we will create a shoot list and a shooting plan so the full team is aware of how the shoot should be executed.  This saves time in backtracking on missed areas, allows the retail team working on the day to ensure that the VM is ready in the different spaces and to ensure that all the areas are covered.

5:  The shoot:

During the shoot, our photographer will help with styling to make sure that each image makes an impact and that the main features of the retail space are highlighted.  Our experience in styling is a useful asset to have on a shoot and we are more than happy to include this service as part of the package without any additional charges.

6: Post shoot:

The full shoot is edited and a pdf is sent to the client so that a final selection can be made prior to retouching. If there are any urgent images that need to be retouched for press and PR, we shortlist this on-site with the client so that as soon as we are back at the studio our specialist interior retoucher can start retouching the images.  We have a speedy delivery option and can deliver pictures on the same day. 

7:  Retouching:

Our retouchers specialist of interior images has many years of experience with working on retail projects and it is their expertise that comes in to play next.  The retoucher works closely with the retail photographer who shot the project to ensure that colour accuracy is maintained.  The retouching takes place with layered files in photoshop which means that we can make sure that each detail of the space is reproduced accurately. 

8: Final wrap-up:

All the images are delivered as high res jpegs at 300 dpi for maximum quality and clarity.  We keep the raw image in our archive for any future client needs.  If there are any final tweaks that need to be done to the image sets we can of course do this as well.  For Kalory Photo & Video, every shoot is different, each with its own challenges and needs, but no matter what these might be we always ensure that the team gives the same care and attention from the start to the end of a project.

We hope you find this article useful in planning your future retail interior photography shoot.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project over a cup of coffee, give us a call!