Before commissioning some store photographs, there are a few relevant points to think about:

  • What message do you want to communicate?
    • Are you revamping the company, giving it a new look with a new shop design ? In this case the new values of the brand are the priority: dynamism / younger market / luxury feel / service orientated / etc.
    • Is it for the opening of a new store? Capturing element of the physical address (a London feel for example) will help identifying the new store and its location. If your assortment is unique, showing the brand choice you distribute can be a key factor for the customer to create the decision to visit the shop.
    • Are you refitting an existing space?  It is key in this case to of course show the transformation and the new design, but also to keep elements enabling the customers to recognize the old boutique, so that you can recruit new clients without loosing any existing one.
  • In which media will the images be used?
    • It is important to get a set of images with multiple usages: a large spread in a magazine, your facebook page banner picture, your twitter thumbnail photo or some photographs on your website.
    • The usage will determine the shape of the image (cropping), as well as the content (a small thumbnail will need to show predominantly your brand, while a large magazine spread will show details of the design and interior of the store).

These are just a few pointers to help you plan your photo shoot and commission the right photographer.  Our team is there to help and will take into account all the elements of your brief to create the right set of images for your business.